More patients are discovering the advantages of choosing Surgery Center Cedar Rapids over a hospital or hospital-based facilities to have their surgical procedures. There are many reasons for this kind of outpatient care.

Below, our patients and their family members tell about their experience and why Surgery Center Cedar Rapids was their preferred choice for outpatient surgery.

"The people knew what they were doing, there didn't seem to be any wasted motion, paperwork. Everything was very well laid out, from the time I walked in, to the time that I entered the operating room, everybody knew what they were doing; where I had to be, what I had to do, paperwork, etc. I couldn't believe how well everything just flowed. And everybody was very professional, everything was on time, there was no waiting, there was no hesitation on anything. The people are great, very courteous, my doctors, everybody."
Colonoscopy Procedure
"I brought my husband to Surgery Center for a shoulder surgery and a knee repair. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and happened to fall and tried to catch himself and tore his rotator cuff. We also came back here a couple of years ago when he got hurt again volunteering in a house fire. He hurt his knees, both his left knee and his right knee. We would go back to Surgery Center because they're friendly, they took care of us, they treated us like family. Our time was considered. Our emotions were considered. It was a whole package."
Husband's Knee and Shoulder Surgery

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